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Our unique classes, developed by Dr. Chris Ryan, blend multiple modalities, including chiropractic rehabilitation, postural awareness, breath work, relaxation techniques and yoga sequencing. Our introductory class takes place over 8 weeks, meeting 1 time per week for 90 minutes.

Students gain a deeper understanding of how the body functions; how to properly stretch tight muscles and strengthen weak muscles; postural awareness to prevent injuries; breath work to elicit the relaxation response; stress reduction techniques; and more.

Our Wellness Program, also developed by Dr. Chris Ryan, is a course that takes students on a never-ending journey to wellness. Much like all of our classes, the foundation is in the education provided. We believe in providing patients and students with the science behind not only the mechanics of the physical body, but also the science behind the mind/body connection. Broadening awareness into how our own thoughts, emotions, reactions, etc. affect our overall well-being.

Dr. Chris originally designed the Wellness Program for businesses, to provide employers and employees stress reduction techniques through mindfulness training and postural awareness to prevent injuries in the workplace. The program has since further developed into a youth program, which teaches teens and young adults healthy, mindful ways to deal with stress, anxiety, depression and everyday life. We have teamed up with Seneca County Workforce Development and other agencies to implement our wellness program into current youth programs within the county.

Classes & Packages

Ryan Chiropractic Class Sign-Up (PDF)

  • 6 Beginner Classes $60 (save $12)
  • 8 Classes $80 (save $16)
  • 16 Classes $140 (save $52)
  • 24 Classes $200 (save $88) Unlimited Classes $225 (unlimited savings)


Honoring your level and your mind/body at the moment will shape your class! Some experience is helpful, but not required. You will be guided through yoga postures and stretches while being given many options to practice yoga your way!

Deep Release

Longer held stretching poses allow the body to stretch tissues in the body that cannot be reached in traditional yoga/exercise classes. This class helps to bring balance to our very active lives. The benefits are endless!

Yoga Basics & Beyond!

Perfect for beginners or those seeking basic yoga postures and stretches. Plenty of time will be taken to guide your postures, answer your questions, and give support or help you move beyond!

Gentle Yoga

YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE! THIS CLASS PROVES IT! Appropriate for beginners as well as experienced yogis. This class is perfect for students who need special care and consideration for arthritic joints, mobility issues, back issues, etc. You never know what props may come out of the closet!

Breathe & Meditate

Great for reducing stress, calming your system and a whole lot more!! Science has now proven that meditation can positively alter the structure of your brain in as little as 8 weeks.  Guided meditation is a great way to help you develop, continue, or inspire a meditation practice.


Combining concepts of chiropractic care, Active release techniques, and the benefits of yoga are simply a match made in heaven. Knowing and observing your anatomy and physiology as you practice yoga allows you the unique opportunity of being guided by an expert in the field!

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation led from the heart! Sharing with others can often lead to healing, relaxation, and peace. This group meets to do all of that and more, as you are then guided into a mindful meditation/relaxation session.

´╗┐Room to Breathe!

Often times we overlook the importance of our breath when it comes to wellness. Experience this possibly life-changing class as you learn about how you breathe, how this can affect your wellness in so many ways, and how to practice breathing properly for improved health. You will learn how to create sa pace or room to breathe in your body!

Personalized Yoga by Appointment

Any reason is a good reason to give yourself a little tlc from the combined efforts andknowledge of our chiropractors and wellness guide. You are in good hands as our Certified Yoga Teachers work with the doctors to create an exercise plan that suits your individual needs. Or perhaps you just need a few beginners yoga classes on your own to feel comfortable with starting a group session. Chat with any of our staff to find out if this could be right for you!

Chair Yoga

Learn yoga poses with the support of a chair. It will help gain strength, flexibility and mobility. It is very comforting for people with balance issues; especially helpful for people with people struggling to get up and down. Chair yoga is also a great way to recover from surgery or illness. All levels are welcome and will find it beneficial!

Before your first class:

  • Complete the Intake Health Survey form and bring it to your first class.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early in order to settle in before the start of the session.

Bring to every class:

  • Bath towel
  • Yoga Mat
  • Water bottle
  • Yoga blocks and straps are (available at the center; however, you may bring your own props for personalizing your comfort)

What to wear:

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing
  • No belts
  • Minimum jewelry
  • Do not wear footed tights or nylons (class is done barefooted)
  • Do not wear perfumes or colognes

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