Our Classes

Our unique classes, developed by Dr. Chris Ryan, blend multiple modalities, including chiropractic rehabilitation, postural awareness, breath work, relaxation techniques and yoga sequencing. Our introductory class takes place over 8 weeks, meeting 1 time per week for 90 minutes.

Students gain a deeper understanding of how the body functions; how to properly stretch tight muscles and strengthen weak muscles; postural awareness to prevent injuries; breath work to elicit the relaxation response; stress reduction techniques; and more.

Our Wellness Program, also developed by Dr. Chris Ryan, is a course that takes students on a never-ending journey to wellness. Much like all of our classes, the foundation is in the education provided. We believe in providing patients and students with the science behind not only the mechanics of the physical body, but also the science behind the mind/body connection. Broadening awareness into how our own thoughts, emotions, reactions, etc. affect our overall well-being.

Dr. Chris originally designed the Wellness Program for businesses, to provide employers and employees stress reduction techniques through mindfulness training and postural awareness to prevent injuries in the workplace. The program has since further developed into a youth program, which teaches teens and young adults healthy, mindful ways to deal with stress, anxiety, depression and everyday life. We have teamed up with Seneca County Workforce Development and other agencies to implement our wellness program into current youth programs within the county.

Our Meditation/Acupuncture Class was initiated by Jenn Salone, CYT. We have always had a strong mindfulness component included in our classes. Over the past few years, it became more and more evident that what people were really seeking through their practice was the “chill out factor”. Meaning, although the physical postures were helpful, it was the relaxation aspect that was most felt and needed. What better way to incorporate all of this but into one class we simply call Meditation/Acupuncture. Students settle in with blankets, pillows, props, anything that makes them comfortable; our Acupuncturist, Erica places acupuncture needles in each student to reduce stress and calm the mind; students are then guided through a meditation to deepen relaxation.

Our Relaxation Class is much like the meditation/acupuncture class, but does not include acupuncture. Students enjoy class discussion and guided meditation/relaxation. Yoga is a physical and mental discipline. We offer yoga classes for all ability level, including beginner, advanced, and chair yoga for seniors or those with conditions that prevent kneeling or sitting on the floor. We teach about, and have respect for, the natural design of the body and mind. The safest postures are combined with other somatic techniques to evoke vitality, wisdom, and inner peace.

Classes & Packages

  • Drop-in Class Rate: $12/class (depending on availability of space, contact us to inquire if class is full.)
  • One Session per week for 8 weeks is $80. (must be paid on first day of session.)
  • Two Sessions per week for 8 weeks is $140. (must be paid on first day of session.)

Before your first class:

  • Complete the Intake Health Survey form and bring it to your first class.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early in order to settle in before the start of the session.

Bring to every class:

  • Bath towel
  • Yoga mat
  • Water bottle
  • Yoga blocks and straps are (available at the center; however, you may bring your own props for personalizing your comfort)

What to wear:

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing
  • No belts
  • Minimum jewelry
  • Do not wear footed tights or nylons (class is done barefooted)
  • Do not wear perfumes or colognes

Class Schedule